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Workboat Services are now running the consolidation service to the Outer Islands and to Fox Bay. The notes below are intended to answer some of the regularly asked questions about this service, if you have any further queries please contact the office on 22300.


Cargo will be received at the Fortuna Warehouse located to the East of FIPASS, opposite the Stanley Services gas plant.

Cargo Receiving times

Cargo receiving times will be advertised in advance on the published schedule and will also be announced on FIRS and in Penguin News. Receiving dates will generally be Wednesday (normal office hours), Thursday (normal office hours) and Friday (up to 1200) in the week before the actual voyage. Except in exceptional circumstances cargo will not be accepted outside the advertised periods.

Cargo measurements and paperwork

The shipper is responsible for measuring the cargo and filling out a cargo booking note, blank notes are available in both electronic form and as an NCR triplicate block from WSL. Each shipment should be accompanied by three copies of the cargo booking note, one will be retained by the shipper once signed for by a WSL representative and two copies will remain with the cargo. It is the responsibility of the shipper to ensure that the goods are declared correctly on the form.


It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that the cargo is adequately packaged for the voyage.

Dangerous goods

All dangerous goods must be declared and must be accompanied by a dangerous goods form. Blank forms are available from the WSL office or can be downloaded here. Dangerous goods which are not adequately packed or without the appropriate paperwork will not be accepted for shipment. If you are unsure whether a product is dangerous or not then check with the office.

Inbound cargo

Inbound cargo must also be accompanied by a cargo booking note. The cargo will only be accepted by the ship if accompanied by the appropriate paperwork. Contact the office on 22300 for blank notes. Inbound cargo must be pre-notified before the ship sails to ensure adequate space in containers, failure to pre-notify the office of inbound cargo may result in cargo not being loaded due to lack of space. Inbound cargo will be transported from New Haven to the Fortuna Warehouse where it will be made available for collection.


There is no wool service from Fox Bay but wool from the Islands will be shipped to New Haven and then trucked to Stanley. The cost for this service is as before.


Insurance is available for the entire transport cycle, please contact the office for details.