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Working the ramp at Bleaker Island

CB on bleaker Ramp CB on Bleaker Ramp 2 Loading a Land Rover at Bleaker Island Loading a 40 foot trailer at Bleaker Island Loading a trailer at Bleaker Island

Loading the last trailer at Bleaker CB Loaded at Bleaker CB Departing Bleaker

Thanks to Mike Rendell and Rob and Elaine Short for the photos above.

Loading sheep at Saunders April 10

SaundersSheep Saunders sheep 2 Saunders Sheep 3 Saunders 4

Thanks to David and Suzan for the photos above.

Beaching at New Island June 09

Unloading130 Unloadingdigger Whaling Station LoadingDigger

Beaching at Beaver Island December 08

Approaching Beaver On Board at Beaver Island Unloading at Beaver View from Port Side

Weddell Island September 08

Weddel Island Weddel Weddell

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